Mike’s Tech Tip’s

Minding your Alfa Motor Mounts

Your Alfa motor mounts are designed to keep the engine and transmission in the appropriate position and also to isolate the rest of the chassis from vibration. The mounts support a great deal of weight, and are subjected to torque, heat and even stray gas and oil. All...

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How to get the most from your Alfa mechanic

Afla Owners Alfisti all have their own reasons for owning an Alfa, and these are as many and varied as the owners themselves, and as an Alfa Mechanic it is very important to recognize that each owner is an expert on their own car. They drive it all the time and they...

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Vintage Alfa Front Ride Height Adjustment

Vintage Alfa's often need a ride height adjustment Mike hosted the Scuderia Alfa Romeo of Houston car club tech session on June 16th. He used a customers Alfa to demonstrate how to adjust the front ride height on the vehicle. It was a terrific session and I learned a...

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